Next-Gen Parking and Traffic Management

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Parkalytics is for


No infrastructure required

No infrastructure investment.

Engineering drawings optional

Detailed Exports (dxf, geojson, csv)

AI powered, human verified

AI powered, human verified.

High Fidelity Parking Data

With Parkalytics, a single operator can inspect up to 6000 parking stalls per hour, capturing everything from utilization to individual vehicle dwell time.

Our powerful online tools allow you to capture data first and ask questions later, delivering more value over time.

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Compared to a clipboard study, parkalytics:

Is 23 Times faster

Integrated Traffic Analytics

Parked cars have to come from somewhere. With our technology, you can identify popular routes for vehicles, pedestrians, and other users.

Now you can quantify your traffic volumes for better planning and spatial strategies without the need for clipboards or additional infrastructure.

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traffic density
utilization trends

23 times faster than a clipboard study

  • No manual entries in the field.
  • Zero identifiable data collected.
  • Fully traceable results.
  • GIS native data formats.
  • Up to 6000 Observations per hour, with snack breaks.
High on value, easy on costs


Trendy Data

Analyze Trends

Licensed, insured, local

Drone Agnostic

Accessibility beyond requirements

Around 11% of americans have a movement related disability, yet in most cases only 2% of retail parking spaces have to be accessible by law. We can help quantify the trends in utilization of accessible spaces and help inform future decisions and allocations.

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Manage Vehicle and Pedestrian Traffic.

We automatically collect information on moving vehicles and pedestrians to identify and quantify areas of conflict that affects customer spending and satisfaction.

Integrate with Public Transit Data.

Decarbonising our transportation infrastructure means less trips in private vehicles and more opportunities to re-imagine space currently devoted to parking.

How does Parkalytics help?

How it works.

1. Collect data yourself with a drone of your choice or take advantage of a pilot in our extensive network to gather the data you need!

2. Upload images or video from the drone to our platform and we'll take care of everything using the best of AI processing with human verification at every step. Simply specify what parking, pavement, or traffic insights you want and only pay for what you need!

3. Open, view, and share results in our interactive portal. You can also generate a PDF report to keep forever!